Residential Solar

Green Wave Solar has been helping homeowners in Tennessee go solar for over 5 years now.  See below how we help each homeowner with their specific energy usage and requests.  If you are a homeowner looking into the world of solar, please enter your information in the link below or give us a call.  We work hard to make sure that each system is designed to meet your needs! 

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"Owning my power while also having a backup battery for storage when the grid goes down adds a sense of security that we didn't have until going solar." Madison S.

Residential Solar
Residential Project in Manchester, TN
Solar Ground Mount

Residential Ground-Mounted Array

Petersburg, TN

EV Charging

EV Charging Station

Offset your EV demand with Solar

Solar Panels Carport
Carport Solar Installation

Roof-Mounted Carport

Hopkinsville, KY